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Question related to keylogging and locating password

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  • Question related to keylogging and locating password

    Hi - I'm brand new here and DID read many of the posts re: finding lost Administrator's password, but first, my question is related but not exactly that, and secondly, some of your answers to ME seemed as though they were written in a foreign language, so please help me, and don't delete (or laugh at) my question! I have several computers in my home. The one my 10 year old daughter uses has both an administrators log on password and a visitors (secondary) one. I stupidly gave my daughter both some time back and she recently changed the administrator's one and I could only get on the secondary. This has now stopped me from viewing what web sites she has gone on, etc, and I can't get her to relinquish the admin. code. I don't wish to Change the code, I wish to see what it is so I can go on and view the sites she's viewed without her knowing. (I mean, I've told her I want to know sites she's on, but I can't be 100% sure). Like I said, I've physical access to the computer (heck, I own it!) but I can't get on as the administrator. I am SO frustrated. I even tried to load on a kbg software, but my vista system blocked it from loading. Is there any other software or method I could try to view the administrator's code? I've been told that even IF I spent 100 dollars or more and remotely installed a keylogging program such as eblaster, that it would NOT show me the administrator's password, only those sites and passcodes shown after. But I don't want endless reports sent to me at my other computer -- I merely want to be able to log on as admin. on my OWN computer and view history of sites viewed, etc. Can someone on here please help and suggest what to do? If I thought a software Could view the admin password, I'd try it. Could I put it on system via the Guest's area and would it then automatically show admin's logon as well? HELP please!

    A desperate mom but not all that technically savvy

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    Re: Question related to keylogging and locating password

    Easy solution, take away the computer until the 10 year old surrenders the password. Shouldn't take more than a couple of days before withdrawl symptoms set in and you win.

    Don't forget to change the Administrator password and this time do NOT give it to her.
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      Re: Question related to keylogging and locating password

      Keylogging tools could put you in a world of pain; some of them are gateways for trojans, virusses, spyware etc.

      Ten year-olds should not be in a position to rule your life (I have 4 kids). I therefore agree with Biggles - remove the machine and explain that it will return on production of the correct password and a promise never to try blocking you again.

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