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Need to Retrieve Domain Password

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  • Need to Retrieve Domain Password

    Originally posted by cransdelta View Post
    My company's staff had left the company but the change the normal user to limited account and the admin user have a password and cannot be change. Is there any way to get the password as the admin site had a lot of company stuff.

    Hey, I'm facing a similar problem.
    My administrator has left the job and locked us out of the computers. I don't want to reset the password, instead would want to learn how not to get into such mess again. I'd prefer if i could retrieve the current administrator password.
    I have another admin account that is limited to the local system. the one that i need is at the network level which has atleast 600 systems under it.
    so please suggest some solution.

    Impatiently waiting,

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    Re: Need to Retrieve Domain Password

    I have split your post from the thread you hijacked. Your problem is "similar" NOT the effing same so why not just start a NEW thread. You are supposedly looking after a 600 user network but you can't grasp the concept of creating a new thread for YOUR problem. Posting here is not rocket science. (Guess I picked the wrong day to give up sniffing glue)

    Now to your problem, have you looked through this link like you were supposed to?

    If none or that helps, then post back with some information about what the system you are trying to get into. I would suggest that you are going to have to change the password. Recovering it is not really an option.

    Once you have accessed the system I would also suggest you look for backdoors your previous Administrator may have left. No point changing the Domain password if he can get back in and change it again.
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