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Repair required; Administrator password not known

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  • Repair required; Administrator password not known

    Hello, I'm sorry for posting in this thread, could some please help me. I have a strange problem, which is that when I turn on my computer it tells me to put the original windows disk, and then select "r" for repair at the first screen. It asks me what to repair. (c:windows) and then my administrator password. The problem is I don't know it. I have had the computer for about a year and have windows xp pro with sp2. This started happening after a power outage and my battery backup failed on me. Please help me I'm having a bad day.


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    Re: Repair required; Administrator password not known

    Do not hijack someone else's thread. Please read the forum rules:

    I split your post off into a new thread as I'm a nice guy

    Have you tried blank and all your usual passwords? You can't lock out Administrator. Too many bad attempts justs puts a delay between attempts.

    If that doesn't work, you may need to try a password reset tool (reset it to blank as that seems to work best).

    A few here:

    Also some others if you look through this forum.

    Any given reason why you are being directed to the recovery console?

    If resetting doesn't work, you could also try a "Repair Install" (different beast) to get your system operational. It won't fix your password issue in and of itself (unless you try the Shift-F10 trick) but it may work for you as long as you know the password to your account and it is an admin. Here's a link and do read it thoroughly before attempting (esp. the activation and updates bits):

    For the Shift-F10 trick, combine this w/ the previous link:

    I'd run CMD in step 11 then do a "net user administrator newpassword"

    I think there's plenty here to get you in trouble.

    Do be careful.


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