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Offline NT Password & Registry Editor freezes after partition selection

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  • Offline NT Password & Registry Editor freezes after partition selection

    I have an IBM Thinkpad with a DVD reader installed. It has Windows 2000 and 2 logon accounts 1 administrator and 1 not. The passwords which I remember (from a year ago) don't seem to work.

    I have downloaded and created the CD from the Offline NT Password & Registry Editor site. I have booted the CD and it starts off just fine.

    It detects my hard drive and when I select it to continue it freezes (sort of).

    It first displays the following...

    Selected 1
    Mounting on /dev/sda1
    NTFS volume version 3.0.

    That's when it stops. There is just a blinking cursor. I can type, but nothing (except ctrl-alt-del) actually does anything.

    I don't know enough about Linux to really research this problem on my own and the alternative methods I've read seem fairly complex.

    Note that according to the instructions this is when the software should scan for the registry files. However the hard drive doesn't spin and I have let this run for more than half an hour without any progress.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem or is anyone familiar enough with the script to know what may be happening?


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    Re: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor freezes after partition selection

    Is this laptop a stand alone machine or part of a domain environment?

    If it is part of a domain, give it to the IT department to try and reset from the domain controller.

    Does it have any IBM hardware/software on top of Windows?

    If you do not have any encrypted files on the machine, and all else fails you might have to install windows on top of the current installation and recover the data that way.


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      Re: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor freezes after partition selection

      /dev/sda1 indicates a SATA drive. I don't know if that utility has a recent enough distro of Linux to recognize SATA drives.

      There are other approaches you can try. You can look through this forum or the main site at:

      There are also two versions of an "Ultimate Boot CD" that may help:

      I have not used either so caveat emptor.


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        I tried to use this program to reset my login password. But my computer freezes every time it boots from USB. It is really weird. Luckily, I found an alternative called UUkeys Windows Password Mate, which easily unlock my windows 10 after a few attempts.
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