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why am I being asked for Administrator password?

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  • why am I being asked for Administrator password?

    I bought a second hand Dell Precision Workstation 650 running on Windows 2000 from a government department.

    It seemed to work alright for most part of the first day, until I tried to set up a home network to allow it to connect to internet through my old computer (another Dell), somewhere along the way, I must have triggered something, and so since yesterday, it started to prompt me for Administrator password to log on to the computer.

    Now I never had an Administrator password. And I'm not sure the seller has it either since when I first bought the machine, the machine did not ask for password.

    Any ideas what I did wrong?

    I tried to reinstall the Windows 2000 with the system CD that came with the machine. But the computer told me it could not be installed because there's no hard disk drive.

    I opened the computer and could not find any hard disk driver that I can recognize. However, somewhere during start up, the system did mention something about FUJISU MAP3367NP 36422MB. That must be hard disk drive, right? I mean, How can a computer go without hard drive and still allow me to work on it until yesterday?

    Any suggestion/idea is very much appreciated.

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    Re: why am I being asked for Administrator password?

    I do not know why you're prompted for a password, but since you are there must be one configured. I suggest you take a while to read the forum welcome notes and follow their recommendations to reset the password.

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services