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need admin password for dell with xp pro

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  • need admin password for dell with xp pro

    hi , I recently lost my son and now have his computer which I know has several photos and files of him on it from vacations and things which I dont want to lose. The machine is a dell - I tried to get into safe mode by hitting f8 to try to reset the password from someone elses recommendation but the machine keeps booting to windows login instead. The machine has xp pro on it and the only visible screenname that pops up at the windows boot is the administrators account. I am not super computer savvy but I was hoping there is a piece of software I could just buy and load to gain access to the machine. I see all of his dell disks here if they are any help at all. The machine isnt plugged into interrnet access right now but I could hook it up to my router if needed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. - thanks

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    Re: need admin password for dell with xp pro

    I am so sorry for the loss of your son.

    You said you were willing to purchase a product. Following is a link to a product that you can purchase to unlock the password:

    If you are brave you can try this article:

    But due to your situation and the valuable data that must be in that computer, I'd just pay the $45 for the peace of mind.

    If I can be of any help, please let me know.

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      Re: need admin password for dell with xp pro

      Thanks very much for your help and warm wishes. I ordered the disk because youre right, I cant take the chance of losing this stuff. Its not replaceable. I'll check in afterwards to let you know how I made out and how the software works. Thanks again


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        Re: need admin password for dell with xp pro

        Other option is to removed the hard drive, connect it to another working PC and retrieve the files you want to save.
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