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Administrator pwd NT server

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  • Administrator pwd NT server

    Our office got rid of an old server (dual 200 processors). No one can remember the admin password. It has raid 5 striped SCSI drives installed. Is the any hope? I have tried the boot disk method, but I can't seem to get past the screen asking for the path. I have tried all the usual paths. This machine was the Domain controller on our network. I'm not up on scsi so I am trying to avoid reformatting. I thought this would be a simple, bulletproof machine to host our cub scout website on.

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    Re: Administrator pwd NT server

    Before the password recover begins.
    Is it just a web site you want to put on this really old server?
    What sort of Internet connection do you have to enable the troup to access the web site?
    Do you have the driver disks and operating system incase you need to reinstall?
    Assuming NT4.0 Server, it is really not a very secure system to host a web site one. An excellent alternative for web hosting would be . You would have no server to look after, fix when something breaks and reboot after a power failure. My guess is that old server would chew through more power than a Lonex account would cost in a year. Not only that, you could also get some other troups to share the Lonex account and they could have their own site and reduce your hosting cost.

    Don't want to put a damper on your idea, but an old machine like that is only going to cause you grief. Better to let the kids pull it apart and put it back together again and install the software (we can help you with that if you get stuck).

    My thoughts only. Someone may have an alternate suggestion on running a site from this machine.
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      Re: Administrator pwd NT server

      You may be right, but this is getting personal now. At one time I was the administrator for this domain and I know what the password used to be. Now it is a battle between me and this 60lb outdated behemoth. I have kind of made this kind of thing a hobby. My connection is a10Mb cable connection and I have been hosting from my free web space using a redirect from a friends hosting account. We have just started the site and plan on paying for hosting next year if people use it.


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        Re: Administrator pwd NT server

        Regarding the old DC, was it demoted?

        If so, what in these forums or this site have you tried?
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