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Utility won't work on SATA drive (I think)

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  • Utility won't work on SATA drive (I think)

    I am helping a customer access a system (Windows XP) with a forgotten admin password and am using the free (as in beer) Petter Nordahl-Hagen utility. I downloaded the ISO burned it and tested on my own machines (in both a virtual machine and on my laptop) and it worked great.

    When I sent the customer the ISO and had them burn and try it, it did not detect a drive. The obvious difference between my machines and theirs was mine haw IDE drives but theirs has SATA. Does it make sense to you that that is the reason why the utility didn't work? If so, what should I do. I would greatly prefer a solution that 1) Is free and 2) does a password reset in the SAM rather than a password cracking utility. The FAQ at the utility site does talk about this problem but seems to assume SCSI drivers. I don't think there is much active support over there. Maybe someone could advise me on how to get that utility to work with SATA drivers.

    Thanks for your help and I love your site,


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    Re: Utility won't work on SATA drive (I think)

    That seems consistent with a few other comments I've seen.

    You may need to look at BartPE. There is at least one plugin that seems to meet your criteria.

    Also, have you tried the EBCD mentioned here:

    May have the same SATA issues. Never used it so caveat emptor.


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      Re: Utility won't work on SATA drive (I think)

      You may want to try the Windows Key software. More info available here: