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changed admin password

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  • changed admin password

    hello all,
    I am a total newbie to basically computers in general so if I do not make sense bear with me. I have a 14 year old son and he is a computer hacker in the politest sense.
    I have recently purchased windows vista home basic and it was me and his account only on the computer; me being the admin and him being a limited user. Some how he changed my password without knowing it because he admitted to that. Now I am the one stuck with the limited user account. Is there some way that I can discover the password to the admin account using a limited user? Please help me!!!!!!! ( I tried Google and I came up hopeless)

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    Re: changed admin password

    First thing to ask: Was your password one someone, or at least someone who knows you well, could guess easily?
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      Re: changed admin password

      See my post - - for info on how to reset the Administrator (or any local user account) password to a blank one.