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My Dell Blunder

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  • My Dell Blunder

    Hi forum,

    In 2005 I was given a Dell computer for college use (archaic, pci graphics and minimal ram, but it beats writing my papers by hand!!). Among the plethora of cds and flyers was the administrator password. I used this the first time to log on, created a user access account for myself and at some point lost the admin password. Why I did not grant myself admin rights is completely beyond me. I've managed just fine over the last two years without admin access, but it'd be nice to have that luxury over a computer I use all by myself.

    Aside from calling Dell I am completely at a loss. Given that the computer is worth no more than $100.00, I'd be unwilling to call Dell tech support and pay $30.00ish for their help, provided they could help me at all.

    Grateful for any assistance. Even a mild chiding here or there would be most welcome =)


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    Re: My Dell Blunder

    Moving to Forgot Administrator Password Forum. Better chance of a result there.
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      Re: My Dell Blunder

      You have 2 avenues here: recover the password or change it.

      Have you tried the boot floppy / CD?

      Or Peter Nordahl's Offline NT Password & Registry Editor?

      These are discussed here:

      Another trick is to do a Windows Repair Install w/ Shift-F10:

      The three solutions I list above are but a few of the many possibilities in this arena. They are listed in ascending order of the amount of files that get overwritten (0, 1, many) so that may sway your thinking. also, the repair install requires you have a normal windows 2k / xp CD that matches the current install.

      Look around this forum and the links and post back with your questions.


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