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renable admin account?

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  • renable admin account?

    We have inherited a win2k sp4 advanced server server from a client which the admin password was forgotten. There is a second admin account in which we know the password but is disabled. This server is also live running some websites as well and we can run asp php and cold fusion sites on it. I believe that the cold fusion version has cfregistry and cffile tags enabled and are not sandboxed which will allow access to the C:/ files.

    We can log in locally to the server with a lcoal account, but the user can not open the C drive but can open another drive.

    I tried cd060213 boot cd but it said there was a partition but did not show it in the list
    I can run regedit with the local user. I have not tried to see if the options are saved though.

    Thanks all

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    Re: renable admin account?

    PS This computer is not part of a domain and has standard users and groups setup.


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      Re: renable admin account?

      So the account you can logon with is in the local Users (not Administrators) group?

      And Peter Nordahl's cd060213 disk didn't see the boot partition -- is the drive RAID, SCSI, IDE, ??? Possibly the "Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, Bootdisk / CD" doesn't have a driver for your situation.

      You can edit the registry -- good.

      Do you want to recover the current password or just reset it?

      Have you tried the boot disk? May not see the C: drive if it needs a special driver.

      Can you run SAMinside (use Google) and see the password hashes (Import local users using LSASS)? If so, save them in PWDUMP format in case you want to go down the recovery route.

      You may also want to check out building a BartPE boot disk. There are a number of password reset plugins available. Search these forums and


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