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Password Recovery on possibly encrypted XPSP2

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  • Password Recovery on possibly encrypted XPSP2

    Ok, I had a lady call in today saying her nephew recently passed away. They're looking for his will and they think its on his PC, but they don't have the password. I told them to bring it in, thinking I could just slave the drive and pull the data off. When slaved to another PC, the drive is physically recognized, but doesn't get a drive letter. I attempted this on 3 different PCs, all with the same result. The only thing I can think is that the entire drive is encrypted. It boots fine when its in the original PC. I've attempted to use ERD Commander, and other disk utils, but they either don't see the drive, or see it, but don't allow me any access to it. The LoginRecovery CD boots, but says there are no NTFS drives on the system. I can't get the LoginRecovery floppy to create properly. Says its not suitable for the floppy on two different PCs.

    I've tried bypassing the Welcome screen and I've attempted Safe Mode andI can see there is a "Darryl" login and there is an Administrator login, but both passwords are unknown. I've tried blank passwords and everything that the family was able to provide.

    I know if I reset the Darryl password, I'll lose access to any encrypted files, which I can't risk. The Administrator account is less important and I could stand to lose files there if it meant getting access to the Darryl account.

    I've read over a most of the threads here and on various other sites, but nothing seems to work. I have not yet tried to do an overinstall, but I'm guessing if other utils can't see the drive, the OS installer won't see it either.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Password Recovery on possibly encrypted XPSP2

    I don't think that in this case an overinstall would help - all those potentially encrypted files would be gone.

    Can't help on the rest, but I had to point that out just in case you got itchy fingers and tried it anyway.

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      Re: Password Recovery on possibly encrypted XPSP2

      Problem resolved. Filesystem wasn't encrypted, not sure what the deal was. Used the EBCD and I was able to reset the Admin password. It was prompting what partition to choose and it had 1 in brackets. It didn't like that, so I tried entering it as \\device\hda1 or however it was showing it and I was able to get in.

      Hopefully I won't encounter this situation again, but now I know where to come if I do.



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        Re: Password Recovery on possibly encrypted XPSP2


        That one was a puzzler especially when you couldn't slave it on another machine.


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