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Unable to rstore admin pass

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  • Unable to rstore admin pass

    Make a long story short :

    All users were deleted and the Administrator password is unknown.
    Tried : CTRL + Alt+ Del , doesn't work (the first trick - C+A+D at the welcome screen )
    Any boot cd created by the "Free Tools" such as Password Recovery and the "Petter Nordahl-Hagen Registry editor"
    (ye, I tried something else : windows XP Pro installation - boots from CD,all other CDs are ignored)
    therefor any password cracking from
    couldn't work.
    This is a DELL Inspiration 1100 lap
    With a Windows XP Pro
    It is my Lithograpuy teacher's, therefor installation can not be doen.
    I'm tring to download ERD commander, yet I'm not sure it will boot from it...
    Any idea or to through the damn thing out of the balcony ?

    Unhappy Atzile
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    Re: Unable to rstore admin pass

    I vote you "through the damn thing from the balcony" -- will make the computer run very fast @ 9.8 m/s^2 till it hits the ground

    Tried : CTRL + Del + Alt, doesn't work

    Any boot cd doesn't boot from CD
    (ye, I tried something else : windows XP Pro installation - boots from CD)
    So you can't boot from CD but the WXP Pro CD boots?

    LOGON.SCR doesn't work any more (as stated in the article) and doesn't require a boot from CD therefore no "therefore"

    Please repost with clarifications and we'll be more than happy to help.

    Slam a bunch of contradictory thoughts together and it makes this very painful for all of us.


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