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    First, many thanks for the enormously helpful information on this site about recovering passwords. My husband's office upgraded computers a few months ago and he was allowed to keep his old one. When he brought it home recently, he discovered that he'd need the administrator's password to use it - and since this password changes frequently, no one at work remembered what it had been before the upgrade. We learned about here, and - eventually -used it successfully.

    I wanted to share information based on our experience:

    When you use the service, it reports whether or not the password has been recovered. If recovery is successful, you have the option of paying to receive the password immediately - or, they say, you can wait 48 hours and receive it free. Since this wasn't an urgent matter, we decided to wait.

    If you use the CD version for recovery, you must manually copy two long strings of letters and numbers that the CD displays on the locked machine and then enter the strings on the website. Though they don't mention this in the instructions, we learned by experimentation that you must press Enter after the first line and just before the _ (underscore character) that appears in each password.

    The experimentation required to discover this meant that we had two failed attempts before reported success. At that point, we received an email saying that since we'd used the service three times without paying for it, we would now have to wait *three months* (not 48 hours) or else pay for priority service.

    I wrote to the company and received this response:

    "Because of some issues, we did actually set all orders to priority including
    yours, so you shouldn't have had to wait.

    "The service is provided free, however we have found that people are using
    this more and more commercially, and the service was hit by demand. As most
    genuine people only want to use the service once in an emergency, the three
    month limit was introduced. This was only added two weeks ago, and yes we
    should have updated the site."

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Update about

    Thanks for the feedback. Always appreciated. And congratulations on your success.

    My experience with was based on a security audit for a client. I have never met a machine I could not commandeer given "total" physical access (including the ability to reboot / remove the boot drive) and I have never had to resort to cracking the admin password. Only exception would be an encrypted drive.

    Having said that, I tested with a few password hashes. Appears they only have A-Z and 0-9 handled in their RainbowCrack tables. Also their email notification was a bit spotty.

    Regarding the original poster's three month experience, one could generate another email address and try again.

    EDIT: Regarding the RainbowCrack tables, it appears LoginRecovery can successfully recover paswwords with special characters. I suggest you got the "free" route and only after they say they have decoded the password do you consider anything monetary.
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