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Retrieving Administrator password: with a twist!

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  • Retrieving Administrator password: with a twist!

    Hey all, id just like to say this looks to be a great site, in reference to all the help you've given to those in a similar position as me.

    Ive searched through most threads looking if any of the other forum members had a problem resembling mine. Although some did offer assistance, ive found that i have a unique problem.

    Now to the problem. Like most people ive lost my administrator rights. This was done one night as i was messing around making space on my hard drive. I thought it would be a good idea deleting the 'Administrator' option . I later found out that doing so would limit my capacity to install new programs, as i would be prompted to supply an administrator password.

    I'm using my sisters old laptop that runs windows XP, which was bought buy her from her school. This laptop has no Floppy disk drive, and does not have a Cd drive that enables one to burn cd's (most solutions ive seen require either 1) I also have no reboot cd. I log in by using CNTL+ALT+DELETE then by providing a user name and password that she was given.

    So! Can anyone offer me with some advice?

    Yours thankfully dippa.

    Ps- if you require further information just ask.
    Mods can change thread title if need be.
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