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loading driver with offline registry editor

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  • loading driver with offline registry editor

    I know that this is a 3rd party app but I was hoping somewhere here could help me with the offline NT password reset program at

    The server is a HP ML350 g4, the problem is that the cd on the site above doesn't have the driver for the scsi controller, I've found the driver (I think) for this system and have followed the directions on the site to create a floppy with the new driver but it's not working.

    I boot with the boot floppy then swap this out for the drivers floppy. I have placed the aacraid.ko file into a folder called scsi (lowercase). When the program promts me to "Enter number of the desired driver" I enter 1 and hit enter, then it spits out

    insmod: can't read '/tmp/scsi/' :Is a directory
    SCSI-drivers found on floppy:

    Does anyone have any clue as to what I could be doing wrong or a different way to reset a lost pw for an admin on win2k3 server?

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you for your time,
    Anthony Ardolino