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Forgot domain name after switching computer from domain to workgroup

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  • Forgot domain name after switching computer from domain to workgroup

    I am fixing a friend's computer and he asked me to get him off of the domain used at his last job (2 yrs ago I think). I changed his machine from a domain member to a workgroup member and restarted. At the logon prompt I entered his user name and password, but it won't let me in. I think it now wants the domainname/username and I don't have the domainname. I tried "Administrator" and "Guest" but to no avail. What do I do now?

    Windows XP Professional

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    Re: Forgot domain name after switching computer from domain to workgroup

    Last time I did something like this many moons ago I recall the cached credentials get wiped for the domain when you join the workgroup. In other words, the Domain\User logon won't work any more even if you remeber the domain name. Anyone out there, pleas feel free to correct me as I've slept since then.

    Since I always Ghost (or equiv) before trying something of this significance and I always change the local Administrator password + create an alternate local admin account, I've never had to dig myself out of your hole.

    If the Domain\User cached credentials have been wiped, you're left w/ a few options. One is to repair your XP install. Here's a recent post on that:

    Originally posted by arberibrahimi View Post
    Instead of using recovery console, try windows repair. If windows xp instalation finds your existing crashed XP use windows repair.

    Windows repair most of times saves your documents and only repairs errors.

    Here is a link that can help in this case:

    Tell me if this was helpfull
    Another possibility is to try some of the password recovery tricks on this site:


    Do realize that for any up-to-date version of W2K and beyond, the LOGON.SCR back door has been closed:

    Search the forums.

    Best of luck to you.


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