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  • Login Recovery error message

    Hi everyone. This is my first post, so please bare with me. I have forgotten my administrator password so I went to, followed the instructions, and put the cd rom in the computer I need the information for. (I also purchased the priority version so I could get the information faster). But when I went to submit the text (Step 3 - CD Image) 1. first the box won't allow me to type it exactly as the example indicates and 2. when I submit it takes me to this address:, but I get this Cannot find server error. So I have never been able to submit the information to get my administrator password and I didn't see anything to indicate where I put my activation code.

    Please help : )
    Thank you

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    Re: Login Recovery error message

    If you have paid for the service, I would be contacting whoever you paid the service for.

    Otherwise, you could try the other options listed in this Forum.
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      Re: Login Recovery error message

      I also used loginrecovery recently. I had no problem - didn't use the "priority" service, got nearly instantaneous results anyway. ALthough the results didn't help me - said that there was some kind of enormous encryption being used, and that it would take a supercomputer weeks to get the results. So I'd suggest trying the free version, see if that helps.

      Of course the site could just be down for a moment. It happens.

      Oh - entering the text - what characters are the problems? I had to back up and try again one one or two ocassions while typing in the characters - they just entered wrong for some reason.


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        Re: Login Recovery error message

        With loginrecovery and the CD method, you need to type your results in the text box at the bottom of this page:

        Don't forget that email address. Even if they don't email you back, you can use it to check status here:

        Note I believe this site has only run the Rainbow Crack tables for A-Z and 0-9. If you get the "supercomputer" message, I believe it indicates special characters were used in your password (the site couldn't match the Hash).

        There is a freeby out there from

        The actual entry screen is here:

        As always no implied warranty of any kind nor do I condone these kinds of services for unauthorized and/or illegal purposes.




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