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Administrator did not create password but computer keeps asking

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  • Administrator did not create password but computer keeps asking

    I am a novice and have read the articles and responses but my problem is that I don't know where to go to type in all that "stuff"

    I removed my daughter and her boyfriend from her computer when she moved out and made myself the administrator. Our two computers are connected for DSL without sharing priveledges (his idea). Her boyfriend had made a lot of changes to her computer and it was bogged down with "junk" (music and games) that made it an operater's nightmare as well as some virus issues.

    I intended to clean it up and did not want a Windows password but it required an administrator (his doing), so I left the password field blank when I made myself the administrator thinking I would not have to log in (big mistake!).

    When the computer boots up it tells me to click on my user name and enter the passord. The hint is "my computer". I have tried the default passwords for windows, their two passwords, and every conceivable password I can think of but no luck.

    I have entered Setup when it boots and both Suprv Password and User Password were disabled. I enabled it, created a password, tried the Windows login screen and it still doesn't work. I have even reset its Default Settings in Setup. Would entering through a Safe-mode make any difference??

    I created the Windows Key Reset Password disk from the article on your site; have the CD-Rom with XP Pro drivers that was created and given to me by the local outfit who built the PC; I have been to, MS trying what they suggest in their articles, and every Google site that addresses passwords.

    I am at a loss because I don't see an opportunity to use the Windows Key Reset Password disk and XP Pro drivers cd-rom (Profet 4500 XP) before the login screen comes up or while it's up. The tower clicks as if engaging the media but nothing shows on the screen.

    I really did not want to call its builder to come straighten this out, but will if you can't guide me. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Administrator did not create password but computer keeps asking

    When the hint say "my computer", have you tried the name of the computer? Not the brand/model name but the name that was given to the machine when the operating system was originally installed.

    If the boyfriend left the machine in such a mess. I suggest you do a clean reinstall of the operating system and that way you get rid of all his settings, virii, malware, spyware and anything else he may have done (or left behind on it). Being the paranoid type I would be wary of a remote access application being left on the machine that would enable him to get into the PC from anywhere in the world, but hey, that is just me.

    Have you tried all the other options listed here?
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      Re: Administrator did not create password but computer keeps asking

      You do not see the Administrator account by default.

      Log off (NOT Switch user although I dont think it makes a difference)
      Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE twice
      A "standard" username / password dialog should pop up
      Enter the username "Administrator"
      Leave the password box blank
      Click OK

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        Re: Administrator did not create password but computer keeps asking

        Thank you, thank you, it worked and I'm in!!!

        I did not know the name that was given the computer by the builder, so I tried the CTRL + ALT + DEL twice and typed in "Administrator" leaving the password box blank and it allowed me into the system where I created a new Admin and deleted the old Administrator.

        You guys are fabulous! You guys are awesome! You guys are great!