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  • Looking for some help


    Here is my long complicated story. I hope someone here can give some advice on what we can do.

    My husband and I recently had both our motherboards die. A friend gave us an older computer with everything but a hard drive. Great we thought, just hook up one of our hard drives and good to go. It of course could not be that simple. His hard drive was getting stuck on Verifying DMI loading pool.... mine said NTLDR is missing. My friend said somehow the boot files were either corrupted or missing. So with my drive installed, we got a copy of Windows XP, made the CD drive the primary boot device, began the windows xp setup process and then picked Repair and the hard drive when the choices came up. The screen then asks for an Administrator password. Now we bought this computer from Best Buy with Windows XP preinstalled. We tried the password we use to log into the computer after reset, nothing. My husband tried every password he has ever used. Nothing. I read the page on the site about the logon.scr trick. So my question is ...
    will this trick work?We do have one more pc we could slave the hard drive into that has windows xp on it that we could use to do the trick with, is it worth it to try? Do you have any other suggestions?

    Oh yes and thanks anything is much appreciated!

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    Re: Looking for some help

    Have you tried these options.

    Also, read all the other posts in this Forum. One of them will provide a solution.
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      Re: Looking for some help

      First, the LOGON.SCR trick will almost certainly not work w/ WXP. Certainly not if you have SP2 (I've confirmed that) and, given dates of posts where the "Access Denied" errors started popping up, I'm thinking all but original WXP, unpatched, will fail.

      I just posted a response to LOGON.SCR errors here:

      Second, the NTLDR problem could just be an active partition / master boot record problem. Is one of the drives installed as the master on the primary IDE in the new box? Only run w/ one of your drives at a time as primary master (or, for SATA, use interface 0) till you get this worked out. Once one boots successfully, you can mount the other and mess w/ hidden file boot.ini to make the other drive an alternate boot choice.

      Third, I imagine the new motherboard / processor are not the same as the original. That would indicate a repair is in order to update the HAL or something else chip / chipset dependent. The Verifying DMI... could be related to this.

      I've repaired WXP on a number of occassions with success when I've changed out HW and you get to reset the admin password too. This does wipe out your accounts but the files are still out there and rebuilding your user accounts should get you back in though you probably need to change ownership on each user's files ('cept for administrator).

      Having said that, you don't want to select "Repair" ("R") the first time it's offered as that dumps you to the repair console -- not where you want to be if you want the correct low level files installed to support the new processor / chipset installed and you want to reset the admin password.

      Press Enter to setup XP when the first "Repair" is offered then when it finds your existing install, do the Repair there. It will reload SW and reset your accounts / passwords. In my experience, it preserves the installation and configuration of your existing SW.

      Make sure the XP version matches (Home vs. PRO -- service pack hasn't been an issue fro me) and you have the CD key. This will probably cause you to have to activate the copy of WXP which may result in a long phone call to Microsoft (if installed elsewhere). If not already activated, delay activation till everything is sorted and you're happy with the installation.

      As always, back up what you can't live without first.

      Use these suggestions at your own peril. No implied warranty of any kind as there is way too little info given to provide an accurate diagnosis or remedy.


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