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  • doh ray me

    hi fr steve in surrey bc canada

    i had 300+ viles infected a couple trojans, and a virus32...blah
    i used to write down everything but am losing my mind
    i fought for over a week to rid myself of everything bad
    and just when i cracked open my first brewsky
    had a window say need password
    tried everything

    was able to open in safe mode; get into dos, read A:

    but now can't get into nuffing at all doh doh doh

    jus wanna get my girls baby pic's

    i copied all the executables but me puter say non disk won't byte
    when windows runs it says no hard drives found

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    Re: doh ray me <- this will get you banned!

    Hi Tutorisland. If you want help I suggest you read

    Here's one hint; change your title!!!

    Network Consultant/Engineer
    Baltimore - Washington area and beyond


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      admin has done me in

      i did read a few of the fourms
      i have been going crazy with copying pgm's to floppy and cd
      i have been at this for hours
      i don't get it, but will go back to forums and see if i can search keywords
      CMOS boot safe...etc
      hope this title passes


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        winXPpro no SP2 need pass in CMOS & win

        i made a dos boot disk
        it went to dos
        i tried c: of course no luck
        i wonder if someone can guide me from here
        it is the closest i've been, since being able to get into safe mode
        [i shudda left computer on in safe mode and will if i get there again]