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Lost Admin Password XP Pro

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  • Lost Admin Password XP Pro

    I've had a lot of luck booting the Offline NT Password and Registry Editor for Windows 2K Pro but absolutely none for XP. No way can I get this otherwise excellent tool to find a disk partition. I thought it had something to do with the disk driver, but it seems to be a problem that crosses hardware platforms, HP desktops, Dell and Toshiba laptops ... any suggestions welcome.
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    The DemoDog

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    Re: Lost Admin Password XP Pro

    If you're in an AD environment, you can reset the admin password by a GPO that calls a login script in the computer section of the GPO.

    If you're not in an AD environment I don't know what to tell you....


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      Re: Lost Admin Password XP Pro

      thanks for the reply; it's XP Pro SP2, in a workgroup. Offline Reg Editor specifies "XP up to SP2", which I read as no support for SP2. Pit, ity's such a fine tool otherwise. I guess it's ERD Locksmith for this one.