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Forgot admin password (was: Interesting problem)

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  • Forgot admin password (was: Interesting problem)

    This problem requires a little explanation. I have multiple profiles on my comp. one is the systems admin.(i use it strictly for technical problems. I.E. network probs, software conflicts etc.) i have a profile for my normal uses. (i don't like technical programs, cluttering my desktop.) And i have a profile for each of my 4 children. well, one of them is now a teen, and has decided that he wants to be a programmer. he has caused significant problems on my comp and i need to be able to place restrictions, as well as access the admin for software damage control. I'ts been a while since i last had to access my admin prof and cant remember my pass is. i have made it virtually impossible for any other user but the admin to install anything. my wife has told me this is a "hopless cause" and the oly way of regaining control would be to wipe the hard drive and reinstall windows xp. i am not quite ready to do this. i have a rather interesting problem and hope to receive the help i need here.
    A prompt response is greatly appreciated. thank you.

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    Re: Interesting problem

    Did you try any of these possible solutions?

    Suggest you purchase the son a secondhand system so he don't screw yours up anymore.
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      Re: Forgot admin password (was: Interesting problem)

      scudhead, no matter how "interesting" you think your problem is, note that EVERYONE else here has the same issue. This is mearly a "forgot admin password" problem, so make sure your thread title reflects that.

      Daniel Petri
      Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services