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How to Reset Administrator Password?

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  • How to Reset Administrator Password?

    I have an administrator account (say JACK) on MY laptop. I have all administrator rights and privledges. However, the techie that set my computer up for me is no longer around. I had a software problems and tried to boot in safe mode. It asked me for the ADMINISTRATOR password. No one knows it! How can I figure out what it is or to rest it? My techies solution is - Don't worry about; If you have a problem you can not fix ->reformat! Re-formating is not a favorite option of mine.

    Side-Note: I did get my software problem solved; and I DID NOT have to re-format!


    Dell Inspiron 5160, Windows XP Pro, Encrypted files, No Floopy Drive

    Thanks to all who post on this site. After reading many of your other threads I did find an answer on one of your suggestions.
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    Re: How to Reset Administrator Password?

    And Thank you for posting back letting us know you fixed the problem. It is appreciated. Do you realise it only took you three hours. I'm impressed, well done!!
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