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PHP Convertor for MOBI / ePUB files to PDF

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  • PHP Convertor for MOBI / ePUB files to PDF


    I am currently looking for an open source solution to convert MOBI and ePUB files to PDF.

    The restrictions are:

    - Must be callable / usable under PHP
    - Must be a server side solution - Linux

    Optional: Ability to convert selected range of pages or % of original document. First 15 pages, for example. This lets us test conversions without doing the entire 1,400 page doc.

    This is destined for commercial use so it should be fairly resilient.

    A freeware / GNU - GPL solution is preferred but am willing to pay for one if needed.

    AMENDED: Changed Windows to Linux. Apologies.

    I'm under an NDA so more detail would be difficult. Any assistance appreciated.

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    Re: PHP Convertor for MOBI / ePUB files to PDF

    Have you looked at Calibre? While the descriptions talk only about local installs (non-commercial), it can be run from command lines. So install it on your server and command it remotely. It's free, it runs under Windows or Linux, and it's not a massive install.

    A search with came up with this link:

    See if that does it for you.
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