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Anyone Know About APC UPS's?

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  • Anyone Know About APC UPS's?


    One of my UPS's is (every now and then) logging errors from the APC PBEAGENT utility. The errors are logged in the event viewer as:

    Event Type: Error
    Event Source: APCPBEAGENT
    Event Catagory: None
    Event ID: 3031
    Description: Output Load Threshold Exceeded

    Then about 10 or so seconds after the above is logged it then logs:

    Event Type: Information
    Event Source: APCPBEAGENT
    Event Catagory: None
    Event ID: 1207
    Description: Output Load In Range

    I googled this and found a site that says this:

    Output Load Threshold Exceeded: The UPS has exceeded the user-defined load threshold.
    Output Load in Range: The UPS load out-of-range condition has been corrected.
    I cannot find anything on this error on APC's support pages, would you say I need to replace the battery? I have a spare here anyway, but I am not sure that it needs replacing, admitidly the ups is at full capacity and I wonder if somewhere the voltage going through it causes it to hit maximum load? There are no warning lights / sounds to suggest there is a problem with the battery etc.

    Any idea's?


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    Re: Anyone Know About APC UPS's?

    That error message is basically a warning that the UPS is running at full load.

    You DON'T need to replace the batteries.

    You may need to invest in a new UPS and remove a server/s from it.


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      Re: Anyone Know About APC UPS's?

      I would be inclined to ask them first what the problem might be.

      APC Site and check what is under Warranty Services.
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        Re: Anyone Know About APC UPS's?

        Thanks for the advice. I have contacted APC support to ask them about the particular errors.

        In the mean time I have managed to move one of the servers off of that particular UPS and on to another one to balance out the load a bit better, both have a bit of load free now so should eliminate any further problems I hope



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          Re: Anyone Know About APC UPS's?

          We have had similar issues and decided to replace our 1400's with something better suited. We got 2 3000 series and they kick ass! 8 servers (psus each) one pus to each UPS and the load has not reached 30% on either!!! Over 40 mins run time on both!

          Gotta love that!
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            Re: Anyone Know About APC UPS's?

            On a similar note, the Power Chute UPS softrware, I have the agent version installed on the servers that are connected to the UPS via the serial cable (to the comm port) but do I need to install the agent software on EVERY server that is powered by the UPS's? or just the ones that talk to the UPS directly?

            Many Thanks.
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