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Cannot access second hard drive since using Partition Magic

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  • Cannot access second hard drive since using Partition Magic

    Hello, to all. This is my first post. I am impressed with the level of the questions and the knowledgeable responses. This is my problem.

    New Dell Dimension 8300 Desktop computer.

    2 hard drive bays are connected to a motherboard.

    Primary 0 (Master) contains 80 GB ATA hard drive partitioned as follows:
    65GB with XP home installed.
    15GB with Win98SE installed.
    Primary 1 (Slave) contains 10GB ATA with WIN98SE installed. This HD was taken out from our old Dell computer before giving it away. It is almost completely full and contains all our old files and data that we do not want to lose and hope to transfer to the new computer.

    Immediately after this was setup, we could only boot into the XP partition. XP recognized that a 10 GB HD with Windows 98SE installed was in the slave bay, and through MY COMPUTER we could access some data from it but we could not boot into it.

    (Master) XP drive had the letter C:

    (Slave) Windows 98SE drive was D:

    The DVD was E: CD was:F

    First we used Partition Magic 8 to make the Win98SE partition on the Master drive bootable as well as XP home (which was already bootable). That worked. The two partitions are hidden from each other. When we boot into the Win98SE partition on the Master Drive that also bills itself as C: And that works fine.
    The problem started when we used Partition Magic to try to make the slave drive (which had been originally been recognized as D also bootable.

    Partition Magic knew it was there, but could not access it.
    Windows XP now doesn't acknowledge it anymore as D:
    It doesn't seem to have a Drive Letter assigned any more.

    DVD has now become D: and CD Rom has now become E:

    I found the following information in Computer Management under Disk Management:
    Disk 0 Basic 74.50GB C:59.81 GB NTFS Healthy (System)
    WIN98 14.65 GB FAT32 Healthy (Unknown Partition)

    Disk 1 Basic 9.53GB 9.53GB (Unknown Partition)

    Question: How can we get Partition Magic to access this second hard drive so that we can boot to it and finally use it.
    Or how can we even get Windows XP to recognize it so that we can at least see it in My Computer again like we could originally?
    I don't know where else to look for it or how to make any changes to System Folders.
    I realize that this is a complicated situation, and I could not find any link that specifically addressed a solution. I hope someone can point the way to make it usable again.

    Thanks for spending time reading this.

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    Re: Cannot access second hard drive since using Partition Magic

    Your problem may caurse by 2 main reason :

    1. Partion is Hiden
    2. Partion is broken

    You can download this testdisk ( attachment ) to check it .

    If your pation is hidden , then it's really simple by using any software ( PQ Magic to Unhide it )

    If your partion is broken , you can download PTDD Partition Table Doctor 3.5.

    Hope you can done !


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      Re: Cannot access second hard drive since using Partition Magic

      2 years, 10 months and 3 weeks to get a reply. Maybe this thread could be locked.
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