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Instant Messaging for the Workplace

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  • Instant Messaging for the Workplace

    AIM Pro just came out today, and this made me think of how IM could be used in our workplace.

    Here's the various scenarios we're thinking of using IM for:

    1. Purely internal communications for the tech department
    2. Purely internal communications for just the corp. headquarters
    3. Purely internal communications for the company ( * )
    4. Communications for within the company, as well as with outside contacts

    ( * ) = some branches aren't on the VPN, and some employees work out of their homes

    As you can see, the scenarios are posted in an increasing scope at each level. We don't know which level we'll use, although testing will most likely follow those levels (first just the techs, then expanded to the corp office level for testing, etc.)

    ALL communications, regardless at what level, need to be logged somewhere centrally for HR / legal purposes. AIM Pro says they'll eventually have an option to do this (subscription of course).

    I was wondering, has anyone deployed something like this across their network?

    First thing that came to mind is a Jabber implementation, although I need to read up a lot on it. One thing we're concerned about is if we do allow outside connections (e.g. at-home employees / customers) to IM into the corporation, they may not like having to install another IM client, or a multi-protocol one. One solution would be a web IM client. An idea like Meebo would be nice, but of course they've got an interesting setup there (proprietary interface meshing their web interface with a TON of GAIM setups on their servers).

    So, suggestions, comments?
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