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  • Office 2000 Cd Key

    Can the Office 2000 Professional and Premier product key be retrieved and/or changed? This is the only version of office I have been unable to do this to.

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    This is all I could find so far.
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      If your just looking to recover the key of the Office software then go here.

      small program,23k I think. It's a life saver. Works on Win OS too.
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        Re: Office 2000 Cd Key


        I can't seem to figure out how to do a new post, so I apologize for using this as a means of educating myself.

        My reason for posting is that I have a legal copy of Office 2000 Small Business for which I have lost the product key. I need to clean the hard disk on my computer and reinstall the operating system and applications and cannot find the key for this copy of office.

        Does anyone know if the key is on the CD's somewhere or how one goes about obtaining the key in a case like this. Obviously the software is old but I don't want to have to replace/upgrade it at the moment, so I'd just like to install what I have already.

        This is not the version that is presently on the computer so I cannot locate and use the key that might already be on the hard disk.

        Thanks for your help!

        Michael C


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          Re: Office 2000 Cd Key

          Did you read the posts above yours?

          Daniel Petri
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            Re: Office 2000 Cd Key

            Hi Daniel,

            Yes, I did read the other posts...I've also tried calling Microsoft to obtain another CD Key for my software. In fact, I did that earlier today. They informed me that I should "call back later" since "the computer system that generates new CD Key codes for Office 2000 is in the process of updating so we cannot provide that at this time...". I find that pretty unlikely and one of the more lame explanations I've ever received but I will try once more before giving up altogether.

            Anyway, this copy of Office 2000 is not installed on either of my computers so I cannot retrieve the CD Key from the hard drive itself, which, if I understand the other posts correctly (and I may well not...I don't pretend to be at all expert) is the manner in which one would be able to find out the original information.

            I misplaced the CD Key for this software and am wanting to use it to replace another version already on my computer; the operating system has become corrupt and unstable, so I am planning to wipe the hard disk clean and reinstall Windows to fix that. I cannot find the original disks for the version of Office I already have installed or I would use that instead.

            There really may be no other solution than to purchase another copy of Office, but I would rather not do that at the moment for financial reasons.


            Michael C