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  • formatting query

    im somewhat confused about this whole formatting issue.....I want to switch over to win 98 from win xp and for some reason(whether its true or not) i thought i had to format my hardrive. Now I'm not sure if i need to do this to switch over but i don't mind losing all of my information and crap on here(i semi/really want to lose alot of it because i don't want to go through the trouble of deleting it all). Ok so if anyone knows anything about this stuff can you help me out. I really want to know how to format and if its bad for my computer or what.

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    If you are going to install XP then all you need to do is insert the CD intot he drive, set the BIOS to boot fro the CD. The XP install process will allow you to delete, create and format any partitions you want to have on your HDD. Formatting does not damage the drive. BEFORE you attempt this, make sure you have XP drivers for all the devices on your system. This includes scanners, printers, video, sound, modem, network adapter, web camera, digital camera if you have one. If you have any data that you want saved do it before you install XP.
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      I think you misunderstood...although it might not make a difference...I am trying to go back to win 98...i have xp right now but i have been told my computer will run much better with win 98


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        If you are already on Windows XP there is a very likely chance the drive is NTFS which Win98 will not read.

        Go to My Computer--Properties--Disk Management and look at the C drive. If you are in details view it will say if it is NTFS or FAT32 format.

        If it is FAT32 you can install 98 but you will lose program settings
        If it is NTFS you will need to reformat and you will lose everything you havent backed up.

        IMHO if you have problems with your setup I would try to solve them rather than moving back 2 generations of operating system. Why have you been advised to revert?

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          I think Ossian is right. XP is much more stable and reliable than windows 98. You have to format your computer in both cases, since windows 98 will not be installed if you have a new version of operating system, unless you have another partition.
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            i believe that my computer does not have enough ram or some junk like that and I was told it might run faster on windows 98 but i think I'll just turn down a bunch of my settings as I looked into this a bit more and this seems like a smarter move....thanks though guys


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              Go to System Information. Under Tools. Look to see if you have enough
              Ram, Etc. Another thing you can do is hop over to
              And get the Win XP Services Pdf. And turn off some of the services you don't need.

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