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  • Virtual Server 2005 R2 - DeployVM


    Iím experimenting with Virtual Server 2005 R2 on a Windows Server 2003 Ent. Edition (SP1). I would like to create the virtual version of my Terminal server, for emergency reasons, if something gets broken on the physical hardware. (P2V Functionality)
    After a couple of hours I managed to configure Virtual Server, ADS, VSMT, DHCP at the same computer. I successfully captured the image of the terminal server, but as I start the last command file, everything seems ok, but, it gets extremely slow with deploying the image. Extremely means, that after 10 hours, only 22% of the process is completed. Has anyone an idea, what could be the reason for it?

    The parameters of the servers:
    Virtual Srv: 2GHz cpu, 768 MB ram, 120GB EIDE HDD
    Terminal Srv: IBM X200 Brand, P3, 1,2 GHz, 640 MB ram, 17 GB SCSI HDD

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    Re: Virtual Server 2005 R2 - DeployVM

    What are you using to P2V? I'm heavily involved with VMware, VMware ESX Server bare metal products, as well as VMware GSX Server which would more be the direct competitor of Microsoft Virtual Server. Unfortunately I haven't worked much at all with MVS so I'm not familiar with any tools people are using with it, specifically with the P2V process. In the VMware arena, there are several products that will P2V as well as some home-brewed methods of P2V (my favorte, low/no cost).

    What do you mean by "but as I start the last command file" <--- what process is this? Is this the last piece in the P2V process you are using?

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      Re: Virtual Server 2005 R2 - DeployVM

      For simple TS server it will be more useful to install the virtual server from scracth and then install the require the applications.
      Also, you can use NLB to shre the load beetwen the VM to the real server.
      btw.. you will need add RAM to the virtual server.

      For your questions: Using dynamic disks, bad settings for antivirus etc. can create this problem.


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        Re: Virtual Server 2005 R2 - DeployVM

        either i dont understand what you mean but to me it looks like your virtual server image of your terminal server is trying to use hardware that just isnt there.

        Ive used Virtual server before and it uses the physical hardware of the pc its setup on but leaves enough free for the phyiscal machines OS. Personally i think your idea is good but i agree with Yuval just set it up the same way as your other terminal server.
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