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FTP download rate problem !!!

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  • FTP download rate problem !!!


    I have FTP server installed in my home network,
    I turned him upside down in order to find how i can increase the download rate when i'm connecting and downloading files from remote.
    The max speed i can get is no more then 12K

    anyone know how can i increase the download rate to unlimited or as much as my ADSL line can support
    The FTP configure right now with "No limitaion" in the download rate option.

    The FTP software is "srv-U ftp"
    Is there anything i should configure in my router (Aztech) in order to improve my download speed?

    Help needed

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    Re: FTP download rate problem !!!

    You turned it upside down, well, there is the problem. You need to hang it vertical in the ceiling, high above your FTP server so gravity will act on the data packets and assist with the speed!!

    Ok, seriously now.
    What is your ADSL connection (both directions)?
    Are you downloading from the Internet or are you away from your FTP server and downloading files from it?
    What does 12K mean?
    What speed do you get when you download this file?
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      Re: FTP download rate problem !!!

      Well first i'm still laughing from your unbelievable humer !
      Did you think to start your own sitcom...

      Ok, seriously now.

      1. ADSL connection 750 Download, 96 Upload,
      2. I'm away from my FTP server and I'm downloading files from it (for example LOST S2 E17, Very good episode by the way).
      3. "What does 12K mean?" its mean's that this is the maximum download speed i get from my server when for example my friend is downloading a file from my FTP server.

      I hope its clear and someone know how to improve it.


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        Re: FTP download rate problem !!!

        If I can still divide by 8 correctly, your upload speed of 96 KBits/sec translates into a speed of 12 KBytes/sec.

        Remember the dowload speed is data coming into your box, upload is data going out of it. So by the look of it, you are maxing out the DSL line.

        btw, you should know that turning the FTP upside down causes the bits to fall out, causing transmission errors <g>

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          Re: FTP download rate problem !!!

          One way to get a speed increase is to get a SDSL connection. This will give you the same speed in both directions.
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            Re: FTP download rate problem !!!

            Well.... 10x

            At the moment there is nothing i can do.

            And i do like your sense of humor biggles77. really