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what are some essentials for a tech's "toolbag"

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  • what are some essentials for a tech's "toolbag"

    Hello All,

    Iíve been asked to put together a tool kit for someone that will be joining our team in a newly created role as a desktop and network support specialist. Having been out of the field for a few years Iím not as familiar with the latest and greatest essentials for a support person. So, I figured Iíd ask the experts, the folks who actually do the job. Any hardware, software or even websites like this one would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: what are some essentials for a tech's "toolbag"

    Does the desktop roles include hardware support or just the software side?
    Will they need to do any cable fault diagnostics?
    What software platforms will your friend be supporting?
    What sort of $$$ budget do they have?
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      Re: what are some essentials for a tech's "toolbag"

      For me, a USB pen loaded with as many drivers as possible. If PCs are all one model, get a full set. If they are many models, get the LAN drivers as a bare minimum.

      Also a CD with the latest AntiVirus "emergency" apps e.g. McAfee Stinger. Since it will be read only, there is no possibility of infection.

      Finally, documentation of the network including physical locations, makes and models, installed apps, admin passwords, IP setup and as much other information as you can.

      On the hardware side, have a stash of drives, power supplies, mice, keyboards and cables. If you are supporting Dell laptops or anything else that uses a non-standard power cable, have some of those.

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        Re: what are some essentials for a tech's "toolbag"

        The role will cover networking, desktop, server support. Not much in the way of software. That will still be handled by a DBA who will support a sql backend.
        Network diagnostics will also be included. We plan on upgrading WAN access from ISDN to VPN within six months time. So, including tools for that might be helpful for that. The budget really isn't an issue as long as purchases can be justified and similiar items can't be purchased for more reasonable prices. The VPN implementation is the main reason for bringing on additional human resources in a fulltime support capacity. We plan on getting more involved with LAN / WAN support which is outside of our current model.

        I hope i've answered all questions. I apologize for the multiple posts...just a rookie mistake. Thanks for your assistance.


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          Re: what are some essentials for a tech's "toolbag"

          I did forget to answer one question. The software platforms will be Win2k pro, XP and standard office productivity software in the microsoft family.