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pcanyware printing from dos

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  • pcanyware printing from dos


    i have to computer one in tel aviv and one in jerusalem. the user in jerusalem
    connect to tel aviv computer with pcanyware .he work with program call : hasavsevet for dos that install on tel aviv computer .
    when the user want to print to is local printer in jeru he can`t print with the
    dos program but in windwos program (excel,word) he can print.


    aviv eyal

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    Re: pcanyware printing from dos

    Some old DOS programs need the printer to be enabled to print in MSDOS mode. You can usually set this option when installing the printer.

    The only other thing I can think of is if the software is just printing to LPT1 and the printer is either network or usb!

    If it is the latter you need to map the printer port i.e. from a dos prompt type net use lpt1 \server\printer. The idea is if you can print from the dos prompt you can print from the software as the environment is the same!

    Let me know if this helps




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      Re: pcanyware printing from dos

      I tried to execute a dos based "finansit" through pcanyware from several versions and also tried diffrent remote aps like vnc ect, and I was unable to see a proper screen view, just lines all over. I talked to several experts coming to the conclusion that there is nothing really that can be done. I hope that this is not your case. Please let us know for any solution.