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Problem with our DNS or DHCP!!

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  • Problem with our DNS or DHCP!!

    Hi There
    I hope you can help me to figure it out, why I can ping some of the computers in my work, and some not.
    I notes that with those that I can't ping, it giving me there IP from there home (The computers in my work are Laptops, and people are taking them home).
    When I checked the DHCP server everything is ok, they are getting an internal IP address, BUT when I checked the DNS server, I can see they are not updated. They have the wrong IP.
    I think that there is a problem between the DNS and the DHCP; they are not updating each other correctly.

    Can someone please help me that.


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    Re: Problem with our DNS or DHCP!!

    Have you set DNS to be updated by DHCP.

    Have a look here