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Registry editing Problem

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  • Registry editing Problem

    I have tried larg number of registry cleaner registry fixer software from the internet. No luck. There is entries maded by norton internet security i want to delete. Regedit says it was an error when deleting the entry. And there is running prosesses I want to dissabel same thing there can not end the task.
    Files are ccsetmgr.exe,ccevtmgr.exe,ccproxy.exe,spbbcsvc.exe an few more.
    Can any one help please.
    Kind regards
    M.Singh (Sweden)

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    Re: Registry editing Problem

    have you uninstalled the software?Some keys in the registery are real time protected.Registry cleaner softwares use the comman and regular algoritm for clean registery keys.If you could disable the Firewall system by simply deleting it's registery key then it's funny


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      Re: Registry editing Problem

      Yes it is uninstalled but keys in registry is still looks loike this

      All entries start with "Legacy"
      Can not delete any of them. any tipps and tricks? Please!!



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        Re: Registry editing Problem

        You probably don't have permission to delete the keys.

        BTW i've checked 3 machines at work and that key doesn't exist.


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          Re: Registry editing Problem

          [QUOTE=wullieb1]You probably don't have permission to delete the keys.

          Administrater right must work. You may didnot found the keys becouse it is the software i ununstalled,you never installed on your computers.I still have these
          keys in registry.In all places Hkey_local_machine\system\controlset001\Enum\root\ legacy_ ccevtmgr (and many more from norton internet security 2006)all these kyes are impossible for mig to delete.I did a copy of registry file but there is impossible for mee to identify the knowlidge is limted.
          All help is most epriecated!


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            Re: Registry editing Problem

            Have you tried this tool



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              Re: Registry editing Problem

              You can download NONAV.ZIP from the following url.
              This tool will help you to uninstall NAV from Registry level.