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DVD vs Tapes

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  • DVD vs Tapes

    Hi all,

    I need some info regarding backup's:

    Backup data on DVD Vs Backup data on Tapes

    Is it true that DVD backup is better then tapes backup?
    what is the capacity of dvd backup (17gb)?

    could it be that DVD will replace the tapes?

    I need some info of the advantage and disadvantage of them,

    Pls HELP....

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    Re: DVD vs Tapes

    DVD capacity is 4.3GB or 8.5GB for a dual layer. Tapes come is various capacities. The largest I have seen was 400GB. Without knowing how much data you want to backup and what its growth potential is likely to be it is difficult to know what is best for your situation. Another option is the Iomega REV drive. These are a 35GB (up to 90GB compressed) unit that use a disk about the physical size of a 3 floppy but 3 to 4 times thicker.

    I personally can't see DVDs replacing tapes. Data storage requirements are growning faster than DVD capacity and the various manufacturers can't decide on a single standard. This makes DVD nonviable as a serious backup option.
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