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Turn XP Home into XP Pro

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  • Turn XP Home into XP Pro

    Don't now why this thread with this question was closed:

    Originally posted by bboyd
    Is it possible to modify XP Home edition to have the features of XP Pro, (i.e., adding to a domain, etc). Yes I acknowledge up front that it would be easier to just purchase Pro but I'm cheap.
    There's nothing illegal about adding XP Pro features to XP Home.

    Many features of XP Pro can be added to XP Home. For free, and 100% legal.

    From :

    Domains: Join domain with XP Home
    While it can't be a domain client and XP Home doesn't support group policies or other 'advanced' domain features, you can connect to domain resources such as shared folders.
    - Get X-Setup, go to Network/AutoLogin/Windows/Settings and enter your login, domain, and password.
    - Or use TweakUI: go to Logon/Autologon and enter login, domain, and password.
    - To do it by hand, check
    When done, proceed to 'map network drives' below.
    Warning: your password is stored in the registry unencrypted.

    Domains: Map network drives with XP Home
    1) When logged onto a domain (see 'join domain' above), right-click My Computer, go to Properties -> Computer Name. It will look like:
    Full computer name: \\

    2) Open My Computer icon and select 'Map Network Drive...' from the Tools enu

    3) Select a drive letter (Z:, X:, etc).

    4) In the folder box type two backslashes (\\) and then the Fully Qualified Domain Name from step 1, then a backslash (\) and the folder you want to connect to. Example: \\\myfolder

    5) Click "Connect using a different user name." in drive/folder settings and enter a domain username that has access rights to the folder you want to access. Add it in the format [email protected] Example: [email protected]. Enter the password for the myname account. This is not necessarily the same password you used for logging onto the domain (but if you want to access your own folders it usually is).

    6) Check the 'Reconnect at logon' box so you won't have to enter the user credentials every time you log on.

    You can only connect with one single username/password combo at a time with XP Home. If you need access to two folders with different username/password combos, you have to disconnect the shared folder before connecting to the other.

    Security tab in XP Home (like in XP Pro)
    1) Download the x86 (Intel) version of the Security Configuration Manager (SCESP4I.EXE) from
    2) Double click SCESP4I.EXE and extract the contents to a temporary folder
    3) Make a system restore point or other type of backup. This program does not come with an uninstaller
    4) Right-click Setup.inf and select Install
    5) Reboot

    User accounts and passwords: Better management tool
    The user accounts/passwords control panel in XP Home is crippled. For more options: start/run control userpasswords2
    - Change the name and password for the adminstrator account in XP Home without having to boot into safe mode.
    - Set an account for autologin.
    - Create different user types in XP Home (not just 'administrator' or 'limited')
    - To add userpasswords2 to your control panel, use this reg file:

    (Note: the forum software messes up this reg text by adding spaces where they shoudn't be. Get the unmessed version at

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    @="User Accounts 2"
    "InfoTip"="Starts The Windows 2000 style User Accounts dialog"




    @="Control Userpasswords2"

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Explorer\ControlPanel\NameSpace\{98641F 47-8C25-4936-BEE4-C2CE1298969D}]
    @="Add Userpasswords2 to Control Panel"

    A lot of features from the Group Policy Editor are in

    Instead of the IIS web server from XP Pro, you can use Apache.

    There are many free encryption tools out there that do a better job than the EFS from XP Pro:

    There's also a (very easy) method to turn the XP Home installation files into a lite version of XP Pro (took me less than ten seconds to find it on Google). If you already agreed to XPs EULA, such breach of contract may violate the local laws of your country, and posting a how-to-guide would be against the forum rules.
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    Re: Turn XP Home into XP Pro

    The inference was that bboyd wanted to know how to illegally hack XP Home to make it XP Pro. If the question had been asked in the correct way then an answer like yours would have been acceptable. The following was the clincher in deciding that bboyd was wanting illegal methods to accomplish this.
    Yes I acknowledge up front that it would be easier to just purchase Pro but I'm cheap.

    Even if bboyd's question was not meant to mean anything illegal, it was ambigious therefore the inference that was drawn that it was. This board is and shall remain squeeky clean and anything that even hints of illegality shall be immediately dealt with.

    Thank you for your information, but I believe this topic is now closed.
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