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  • Touchscreen protection sheets


    I'm looking for generic touchscreen protection sheets. I am not after a specific sheet manufacturer or a sheet for a specific model.

    I would like to buy a large sheet that I can simply cut to measure. Some of our devices are used outside in all weathers, often in very dirty conditions. Screen protectors tend not to last for more than a few months.

    I have contacted the people who sold the devices to us and asked about made-to-measure products but they are ridiculously expensive.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for generic products I could get in the UK, please?

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    Re: Touchscreen protection sheets

    Not generic, but I have found if you look on Amazon/eBay you can find sets of 5 or 6 sheets fairly cheaply (Surface Pro, Kindle, phones, iPad etc) so replacing after a few months is not a major issue.

    Cutting your own would take time/care, and all pre-cut ones have easy peel tabs to remove the backing layer, which you would not get with a cut one.

    What is the device you are looking for?

    (of course, you could always go for the "Blue Peter" approach and get a roll of sticky backed plastic, but I don't know if it would support touch through it, or be removable!)
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      Re: Touchscreen protection sheets


      The sheets would be for GPS controllers - an Allegro and a Getac

      I'd like to buy something that I can simply cut to size. I'm not worried about having the tabs - though I know it makes it easier The larger the better really.

      I did see a suggestion to use vinyl sheets but I can't find anywhere that sells small quantities.
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        Re: Touchscreen protection sheets

        Get the cheapie iPad or large Tablet ones from eBay.
        Make a cardboard template for the appropriate screen and then use the template to cut the Tablet protectors to the right size. That's the best I can come up with unless you have some baking dough cutters that are the correct size.
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