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Weird Printing problem

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  • Weird Printing problem

    So I only post the weird ones here that make no sense. We have one building with a 2012 server as the print server 12 printers or so. On occasion never the same person or PC a user will print something and it will combine all pages on the same page and not a page in each quadrant if you will overlapped. If that user prints to a different printer the doc prints fine. If I save that doc and print it it prints fine but for that user it never will. I can delete their profile, remove and re ad the printer and the problem remains. Its completely random

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    Re: Weird Printing problem

    Does this happen with different printers or is the fault with the same printer?

    Have you checked all the print settings and adjusted them, tried using PS and PCL drivers, disabled rendering/spooling the document on host machine, print directly to printer etc.?
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