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    I have a problem thatís driving me nuts with the power options. I canít seem to get the battery alarm to work. I have it set to alert me when it reaches 10%, low battery warning, and at 5%, critical warning. But when the computer hits the 10%, it immediately shuts completely down. Iíve tried all the different power schemes and every combination, no luck. I've lost track of time before and lost my work, very aggravating. Dell support had me download & install latest BIOS update, did not help. After sitting on hold over 1/2 hour, then being transferred a couple of times, I couldn't bring myself to call back. Figured I had enough punishment. So I'm here to ask the experts. Don't know why I called Dell first, must have been brain freeze, usually forums are far superior to tech support.

    Any help or ideas for a solution would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks,

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    Re: Power Options

    Never dellved (little pun there) into one of their laptops, but is there any options in the BIOS to shut the device down upon reaching 10%.

    Have you tried the Dell Forums?
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