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  • Tablets and touch screens

    At my age my eyesight could never cope with these tiny smart phones and tablets. At times I even have some difficulty reading text with this 17 in monitor, such as the tiny print with emails or web sites created by individuals that appear to have myopic eyesight.

    But I am baffled why my simple On Screen Keyboards at below seem to be so popular to judge by the number of downloads. Could they be used on tablets with touch screens, since I have only tested them with a simple mouse. If so how does a tablet cope with the need to emulate a right click of the mouse to display Upper Case ?

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    Re: Tablets and touch screens

    Hi Gordon,
    It depends on the keyboard, but the Windows 8 (Surface Pro) OSK has a shift key

    What tablet are you using?
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      Re: Tablets and touch screens

      As I pointed out below I never use an tiny tablets of smart phones because of my eyesight. I do have an old Woolies mobile I only use when I visit out patients in case the hospital wants to keep me in. So I have no way of knowing how my OSKs work on a tablet or any touch screen. But they are all safe to download and try with no silly cookies or browsers included. CNET would never host my efforts if they were risky.

      If any who downloads my OSKs takes the trouble to ask me, I could include a button to toggle and indicate if the display is set to upper case or not.


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        Re: Tablets and touch screens

        4500 downloads isn't really that much tbh.

        Maybe some people just downloaded it and tried it then discarded.

        Ultimately you will never really know.

        This one has half a million downloads


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          Re: Tablets and touch screens

          Gordon, I share your pain, I really do!
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            Re: Tablets and touch screens

            Perhaps I should explain as some I expect know, I am purely a simple Amateur Programmer working almost entirely in various Basics, some for Debian Linux. I have never been employed in anything to do with IT, which is not surprising as I took early retirement in 84.

            So I am not the least surprised that professional programmers can produce software such as OSK far more elaborate then mine. Which is one reason why my efforts are completely free. But I pride myself on unlike such as MS with all their Windows, on keeping my efforts as simple as possible, hoping to enable more folk to understand them.

            I have nearly completed a new OSK intended for tablets, that maybe unable to emulate the right click of the mouse for upper case print. This version as a red button to toggle between upper an lower case.


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              Re: Tablets and touch screens

              If anyone is interested I have now concocted a third On Screen Keyboard intended for Tablets. It has a button to toggle the Upper or Lower case, and is intended for any tablets or touch screens that cannot emulate the right click of the mouse used for the other two versions for upper case. It can be freely downloaded from shown at the top of the list now.

              It was accepted by CNET the day after I submitted it. So though it may not compare with more elaborate versions unlike me produced by full time professional programmers, presumable Cnet consider it has some merit, and I see below 83 copies were downloaded last week



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                Re: Tablets and touch screens


                No one here is doubting your programming skills, for one I couldn't program this if I tried.

                as with each iteration of software from your major manufacturers it gets better.

                However what I will say is well done. I personally do not have the programming skills to get something published and it should be an achievement that you are proud of.


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                  Re: Tablets and touch screens

                  I never consider myself to be particularly clever, such as never managing to past a Driving test for the car, only a scooter. But being a 81 year old widower with plenty of time on my hands. I do have the patience to keep trying until I get it about right. Much of my code can be downloaded from my site. The same applies to being the Club Sec and Editor for such as I leave proof reading of the monthly NL to the professional engineers.

                  So as long as you stick to using one of the Basic languages in plain English, there is no reason why anyone should not be able to create at least simple programs. But beware of such as Visual Basic that has little to do with standard Basic. Download and read QbasicBasic1.pdf to begin. If you want to try out some code, and even create a program for any Windows download the excellent Free JustBasic as shown at Later on look at other Basics on my site, some are either completely free or offer a free version subject to limitations like on the size of programs. Email me of you any help.
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                    Re: Tablets and touch screens

                    Thanks for your link but I don't have the aptitude to be a programmer so I moved into the facets of IT.