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  • Manage Schedule Task

    hi all
    is there any way to manage all scheduled task for some server from one point and from one console???
    something like AutoMate BPA Server
    i dont want to use schedule task and connect it to some server and .........
    some program that install agent in all server and i can send some task and all task must be run in destination(not in central point that i write all tasks)

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    Re: Manage Schedule Task

    How about Group Policy? It's a single console, enforces to any/all PCs in a system, and it's part of any Active Directory domain. Set up a policy for each task, filter by individual PCs/servers as needed, and you're off.

    Granted, you can run an inquiry for history, etc., but it looks like you may end up having to spend some serious money to get what you want if the remote-access capabilities of the Task Scheduler MMC or remote enforcement of GP don't work for you.

    Have a look at this page from , see if anything strikes you as perfect for you:
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