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  • Mxlogic disposition info

    We have a user that sent an email with multiple attachments to a personal GMail account. This GMail user is saying that they do not have the email and that they have searched through all of their folders. When I look at the tracking information available through our spam filters, it appears that it left there OK and should have been received. Do you guys see anything in this info that says anything otherwise? I believe it is in their account somewhere and they just can't find it. We subsequently zipped all of the attachments up and sent it again and he says he did get that email. I just want to make sure there is nothing else I can do on my end to prevent this in the future as he swears the problem is on our end.

    From:[email protected]
    To:[email protected]
    Subject:FW: candidates information
    Size:6 MB
    Sender IP:XX.XX.XXX.XX
    Spam Score:0.5000000000
    Timestamp Event
    2015-01-19 10:07:36 MST Recipient Disposition: [250 Backend; Mode: normal; Queued: no; Frontend TLS: yes]
    2015-01-19 10:07:36 MST Message Disposition: [250 Backend Replied []: 2.0.0 OK 1421687297 uf2si443510igc.37 - gsmtp (Mode: queuesafe); Backend TLS: yes; Backend IP:; Policy Set: Default Outbound]

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    Re: Mxlogic disposition info

    If your back-end systems advise the message has been sent there really isn't too much else that your can do.

    It appears that the message is saying it was delivered and typically if its been transferred then it should be delivered to the users mailbox.

    Are you able to search the users email with it being a personal account?


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      Re: Mxlogic disposition info

      I agree - not much else I can do. I just wanted to verify that I was reading the tracking status correctly as I don't know precisely what all the codes mean. It certainly does look like it was sent out for delivery to me and you have helped substantiate that so thank you. Unfortunately I have no control over his mailbox due to his relationship with the company and I'm sure it is there somewhere but he is telling us the problem is on our end. At least with this, I can say that it left our exchange server and left our hosted spam server successfully. After that, who knows what happened if I don't have control over the recipient mailbox.


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        Re: Mxlogic disposition info

        If a message has not been delivered the sender will have received a Delivery Status Notification. The DSN would have stated why the message was not delivered.

        One thing to check is how the recipient reads their mail. Do they use a mail client or do they use a browser? If they use a mail client they may not be in the habit of using a browser to log on and check their spam folder.

        One of the things I've learnt over the last few years of managing our email is that when someone says they have not received a message and we have not received a DSN, it is always their mail provider that has either dropped it into their spam folder or has incorrectly identified it as containing a virus and deleted it straight away.
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