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  • Bluetooth


    Has anyone got any idea how to link 2 PC together to copy files from one to the other, or do anything else for that matter.

    I have a 64 bit Bluetooth plugged into the USB on this 64 bit Windows 7 and presumably 32 bit one plugged into the USB of a 32 bit PC with Windows XP. Both are with USB cables located only some 12 inch apart, and both are supposed to fully installed.

    How do I get them to show they recognise each other, such as why do they not show up in each respective My Computer like say a Flash Drive and able to drag files form one to the other, or is that too simple?

    According to some MS Help instructions I ran some the New Device tests as at
    But neither PC found anything. Perhaps because both Bluetooth are already installed when plugged in. Good job both di not cost much on EBay.

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    Re: Bluetooth

    Simplest solution is probably a crossover cable or very cheap switch and 2 patch cables.
    Just assign static IPs to the Ethernet card and make sure both have known admin passwords, then just access \\<ip address>\c$ to get into the administrative root of the C drive
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      Re: Bluetooth

      See how you go with this Gordon. How to pair Bluetooth devices.
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        Re: Bluetooth

        Thanks for the help. I am pretty sure both Bluetooth have been installed OK automatically and blink when attempts are made to use them.

        Though as usual I cannot see any mention of it in the gen on both versions of Windows have Bluetooth File Transfer software, but neither recognise the Dongles plugged into a USB.


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          Re: Bluetooth

          I have tried using Bluetooth dongles in the past with a phone and it was a nightmare. Serious issues getting it connected, and then the data transfer rates were prehistoric.

          Ossian's advice is best. Buy yourself a desktop switch and a couple of CAT5 cables. You can get a switch for 6. Connect the switch to your router and the two computers and you will be able to transfer data between them.
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