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Free consumer AV - any reccomendations?

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  • Free consumer AV - any reccomendations?


    I know when you get free stuff its only as good as the price you pay but saying that the price you pay for Norton and the experience you get isn't exactly value for money.

    I was wondering what AV solutions you recommend to friends\family which are free? I have used the free version of Bitdefender which seems ok and also MS Security Essentials. Does anyone have any other products which they recommend?


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    Re: Free consumer AV - any reccomendations?

    Avast, AVG though not a big fan of either since they jumped on the Ribbon bandwagon. Google and look for reviews. All I use is MSE, Malwarebytes, Hitman Pro and Spybot. Keeps me fairly safe BUT, I do use a VM for doing my financials on and it gets used for NOTHING else except that. Also have a Sandbox VM for opening "unknown" files. Easier to delete a suspected infected VM and copy a "here's one I prepared earlier" than to do a full physical build and data restore.
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