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phpBB3 migration to vBulletin 4

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  • phpBB3 migration to vBulletin 4

    Hi guys,

    I really need help to sort things out with migration process is anyone here can help me with this one?

    i really wanted to post my full post, but i cant post links till i get 5 messages and i really don't want to spam the forum to get 5 messages.

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    Re: phpBB3 migration to vBulletin 4

    Hi guys,

    Ohh... now i can post the full post.

    I really need help to sort things out.
    I have phpBB3 forum that is in Hebrew his DB file:

    My new VB DB file also looks the same:

    Also my both DB's are the same in the MySQL:
    Old DB:

    New DB:

    Now my config.php before VB install:

    then i installed ImpEx to make the migration with this config:

    In the migration process i see the language correct:

    and after all this process i getting this output in the forum:

    I'm very frustrated with this migration process i already installed and
    deleted the forum almost 10 times and every time i tried other options
    and other suggestions from other site.
    I will be very happy with any help.



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      Re: phpBB3 migration to vBulletin 4

      I'd probably recommend opening a ticket with vBulletin, as their technical staff will no doubt have either had experience of migrating to their product from competing products, or will have access to documented processes that have been demonstrated to get the job done.
      Gareth Howells

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