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Software remember web forms

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  • Software remember web forms

    Hi All

    Im looking to make my day in the help desk easier by auto ticking specific web options. e.g. spam filter, SAP pages etc.

    This web pages would have tick boxes, radio buttons, pull down menu's etc.

    I can accomplish this using Auto IT but this takes too long and Im thinking there must be an easier solution.

    I need something more that just the auto fill form built into Internet explorer It would have to be more specific where I can set exactly which items are selected when I arrive at the web resource.

    Any clue

    Thanks for reading


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    Re: Software remember web forms

    Try Roboform


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      Re: Software remember web forms

      Looks good Ill give this a test in the next few days

      I see that this will autofill e.g. name, address phone no. etc.

      Can I configure it to memorise the unique specifc tick box state of certain web pages.

      Can I tick the web page's tick boxes ijn an order that suit's the task, save the state of the web page so the next time it loads I can generate all the pre defined tick boxes in 1 go.

      This would save me some repetitive work