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Computers changing domains by themselves (i swear)

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  • Computers changing domains by themselves (i swear)

    i didnt know where to place this question, so i figured here was a good start...

    my IT department is in the middle of a domain migration, from NT 4.0 to AD 2003. we have been migrating computers into the new domain manually due to the disarray of the current network. i have noticed that the computers (on occassion) have been migrating themselves back to the old domain and vice versa... i know, this sounds crazy and i was under the immpression that this doesnt happen.

    one example:
    i personally changed the domain on a users computer in our recording department, from domain NTXXX to ADYYY. i logged on to the box as admin and changed the domain. the computer was rebooted, the user was logged on with the new UN and PW for the new domain.

    now, 2 weeks later, the user was having authentication problems. i checked the DNS and WINS, nbtstat -RR -r -R... the works. nothing looked out of place. then, i checked the domain for the local box and it was back on NTXXX.

    whats even weirder, is the user had been logging onto the new ADYYY domain, even though the password was expired. after changing the domain, the user tried to log on and the password was forced to change (as it should). after that there were no problems.

    another example, exactly the opposite:
    before we had moved a department to the new domain, i had a computer already on it. i logged on locally, and the box had already been added to the new domain.

    to me this is impossible, as the changing of the domain requires (on my net) the admin password and the domain password. the users do not have the ability to make changes to network properties, much less screensavers. also, the users knowledge of domains and how to change domains is limited, like they cant.

    so has anyone ever had this happen? im confused....

    thanks for any replies or suggestions
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    Re: Computers changing domains by themselves (i swear)

    Do you have trust beetwen the old domain and the new one? If so, users may have option to logon to the other account due the fact that ADMT add new SID of the new domain and save the old SID of the old domain.


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      Re: Computers changing domains by themselves (i swear)

      yes, there is a full trust between the two domains. you are correct, the drop down at logon presents them with both the domains (the NT and the AD2003)

      but what i mean "changing domains" is the when logging on to the local box as the box admin, then My Computer>Properties>Computer Name>Change, the computer is a member of either the old or new domain... its just plain weird.
      its easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
      Give karma where karma is due...