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  • Sharepoint 2013

    In misc as only just realised we don't have a SP forum!

    Couple of question, hopefully someone knows.

    Office Web App 2013 - Can documents be saved so they are compatible with Office 2010? Am guessing so as they both use the XML format, but nowhere on the web does it state if it does?

    SharePoint 2013 - Request manager seems to just deal with the front end traffic routing, what I need (for DR\BCP\ITSCM whatever you want to call it) is 1 farm, but 2 web servers and 2 app servers in a primary Datacentre, and then 2 web and 2 app in a backup Datacentre.

    I don't want web > app traffic crossing DC's.

    The SQL is handled by 2010 AlwaysOn so no worries there.
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